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Software guides - CORELDRAW

  • 1

    Create document

    1.1 .Go to File> New . You will open a window (image below) where you can define the settings of the document.

    1.2 .In this window, define the name and dimensions of the document. Select the CMYK field Primary color mode and in Rendering resolution enter 300 dpi .

  • 2


    2.1 .Go to Tools> Options .

    2.2 .In the Options window, open Document> Page Size .

    2.3 .In the Bleed panel, place the 0.078″ (2 mm) measurement in the editable field and add Show bleed area .

    2.4 .Your document should look similar to the one shown below, then extend the background of your filter to the bleed area.

  • 3


    3.1 .To save your document go to File> Publish to PDF .

    3.2 .In the window that will open, click Settings .

    3.3 .In the General tab select the PDF/x-1a.

    3.4 .N the Color tab select Use document color settings and Output color select CMYK .

    3.5 .. In the Prepress tab under Bleed Limit enter 0.078″ (2 mm) Finally, click OK and save the document..