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    Create document

    1.1 .Go to the Page Design> Page Setup (right arrow).You will open a window (image below) where you can define the settings of the document.

    1.2 .Add another 0.155″ (4 mm) to the height and width so that your document has enough margin for the cut.

    1.3 .In the case of a business card with a size of 3.35 x 2.17″ (85 x 55 mm), place 3.50″ in the width and 2.32″ in the height.

    1.4 . Layout type select One page per sheet .

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    2.1 .Make sure you add 0.155″ (4 mm) to the height and width of your document. In the case of the 3.35 x 2.17″ (85 x 55 mm) in business card insert 3.50 x 2.32″ (89 x 59 mm).

    2.2 .In Margin Guides add 0.078″ (2 mm) on each side, this will cause a line to appear around your card. where we can write or put images, because it will be here that the product will be cut

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    3.1 .Go to File> Save As then click Browse .

    3.2 .In the window that will open select save in PDF .

    3.3 .Then click Options .

    3.4 .In this new window, you should select One page per sheet and Size>Custom .

    3.5 .Select OK and save the document.